Mia's Top Ten Transformers for 

Holistic Health




Many of my yoga students recall that I frequently mentioned a top ten of practices which can benefit our lives on every level:







When we say 'holism' or that we are working 'holistically', we are treating the human being  as a 'whole'. We are integrating the above 4 aspects of life into one 'whole'.


For me, using the word 'yoga', (which means to yoke or join together),

I believe "living our yoga" is based on, not just the science of yoga and our understanding of the traditional sense of the word & practice, but can incorporate many other holistic practices as well.

Joining together as one.


( I will be elaborating on each of these in due course!)









Jin Shin Jyutsu


Gratitude, Acceptance 





The 3 Cortices

(Body Talk)


The Tibetan Rites


Mantras, 'Prayers' &




(Grounding & Cleansing

Rather than Polluting and Destabilising)



(Trauma Release Exercises)




























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The true science of yoga is an ancient discipline, primarily practiced to allow one's body to be strong in stillness for long periods of meditation.

The physical practice of yoga postures (asanas), that many in the west have come to know as 'yoga', reveals just a tiny part of this incredible healing modality.


As a yoga teacher, (In my former life and in the traditional sense of the word....keep reading....all will be revealed), I hold the utmost respect for the ancient yoga texts which convey the magnificence of the philosophy of yoga and the benefits of its practice. I highly recommend the following if you're interested in learning more. 


The Upanishads

The Baghavad Gita

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


I firmly believe in the 8 limbs of yoga philosophy, as expounded by Patanjali. It is understood that these 8 aspects (limbs) are to be practiced, (not just striking poses), and these co-exist concurrrently rather than being methods to be performed consecutively towards an ultimate goal: Samadhi (Meaning "enlightenment" or "bliss").

(The word yoga itself may be translated as meaning to "yoke" or join together).


The 8 limbs are as follows:


Pranayama (breathwork)

Asana (postures)

Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)

Yamas (Abstinences)

Niyamas (Observances)

Dharana (concentration)

Dhyana (meditation)

Samadhi (enlightenment or absorption)


Before I began teaching yoga I had a regular mantra japa practice, (in Sanskrit mainly), which helped me to practice half of these 'limbs': observances, concentration, meditation and withdrawal of the senses. In fact, it can be said that through my Reiki practice, long before I even attended a yoga class, I was practicing everything but the postures!

It is the mantra japa & mudra practice I can always return to when my body is no longer able to perform the asanas.


(Sanskrit, along with Hebrew are considered to be the only two pure languages remaining in the modern world. This is beacuse of the vibrations produced when utttering their words and sounds.

Just think of "Om" or "Aum" - This tiny Sanskrit word alone is considered to be the sound of all creation!)


 So, what happened to my body? You may ask!


I was involved in a rear end car collision coming home from teaching a yoga class the night before my birthday 07/10/2019 which has resulted in chronic and acute pain. Even writing this causes significant pain totally disproportionate to the activity, (due to "multi level degeneration"). I practiced yoga for 20 years to keep my body strong but even so, it couldn't withstand the shock and damage the collision caused to my skeletal and nervous system. 


Through meditation, buddhist principles and mindfulness I practice radical acceptance. "It is what it is".


Many of my students/ clients know that I have always been particularly fond of teaching mudras in class. 

(Mudra means gesture. These are usually practiced with the hands though some consider every asana (posture) to be a mudra of the body because these gestures affect change on every level of our being. From gross to subtle).


Many of us are familiar with the universally practiced 'prayer hands' gesture known in Indian or yogic terms as Anjali mudra. (Some call this Namaste or Atmanjali mudra. In Japanese this mudra is named "Gassho")


Then there is, of course, the quintessential hand gesture commonly seen by those who practice meditation with tips of thumbs and index fingers together forming a circle. This is properly known as Gyana or Chin mudra (depending on whether you practice palm down or up for knowledge or wisdom).


There are many, many more and I frequently practice a wide variety of mudras and mantras together.


During my convalescence I have also been practicing my love of vibrational healing via the use of tuning forks and also been studying and practicing another Japanese discipline using the hands (besides Reiki) known as Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I feel JSJ combines beautifully the wonderful benefits of mudras, acupressure/ meridian therapy and hands-on healing.


I intend to be redeveloping an online presence, sharing and teaching mudra and mantra practices and will also be teaching a basic introduction to using Jin Shin in the near future so please watch this space for details! 


I sincerely look forward to (re)connecting with you in a "new normal" way!!



















"The best yoga teacher this side of the atlantic!" (M.L)



Thanks for the brilliant yoga classes....as soon as I saw you were taking them I knew they'd be good and beneficial. After just two sessions I feel calmer and stronger" (A.H)



"After attending the mini-retreat I felt much more balanced and relaxed over the next couple of days and the postures to aid digestion definitely worked! It was a great opportunity to meet other yoga newbies and a chance to learn new postures and spend more time in each one. I really enjoyed it.  Loved the swimming dragon and the equivalent of candle gazing especially". (E.E.)



"I somehow managed to run to the bus stop, which is quite extraordinary.

My body feels like a marshmallow now, and my mind is so much lighter.

I definitely enjoyed these four hours, as you took us on a meditative journey through ourselves". (A.M)




"Thoroughly enjoyed the Mini Retreat. Mia creates a warm and friendly atmosphere.There was a nice mix of different schools of Yoga practice which makes it interesting and it was pitched so that you could participate whatever your level or limitations are. The meditation session at the end finished everything off nicely sending you floating home. The four hours went very quickly. Would definitely recommend".





"A wonderful antedote to the Sunday blues. Mia is a very engaging teacher!" (J.M)










"I joined the class having only the slightest idea of what to expect. There'll be some bending I thought! I was welcomed into the class, into the group by the teacher and fellow students right away. Mia has a great way of encouraging you to try your best, whilst maintaining the balance not to push yourself into achieving too much, too quickly. After that first session I was hooked. I could really see myself doing this every week and I soon started practising at home as well. I think what I like the most about these classes though is the variety. Every week is different but connected. You really feel like you're building up your knowledge and ability, exploring all the different parts of the practice. Thank you Mia".



"Mia came highly recommended to me as a Yoga teacher. wanted to restart my yoga exercises but with special consideration given to my 'dodgy' knees.Mia was thorough, professional but also warm and personable. I immediately felt relaxed and felt able to discuss all my medical problems. Mia produced a personal yoga plan for me which has proved invaluable. Following on from this I had a Reiki session with Mia and this proved to be life changing. As a Reiki master she was able to show me how to self heal and although it is still early days the transformation has been remarkable. Thanks to Mia I not only feel better in general health but also more confident and content than in any time I can remember. Mia is so knowledgeable on her subjects and I often feel its worth it just to pay to listen to her talk about her many areas of expertise. I cannot recommend Mia highly enough as a professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly therapist."





"Mia has provided massage and complementary therapies to our team at fwdlaw.

Really good visiting service with all members of staff enjoying the welcome break from routine and stress reduction. Cannot recommend highly enough - an expert at her craft!”




For me, the daily challenges and demands of working life often result in physical discomfort - muscular tension that builds over time. Regular massage treatment from Mia has proven to be really beneficial, physically and mentally.  Not only does the discomfort disappear but I also leave the sessions focussed and revitalised. i'd lost sight of how important it was to me to spend a bit of timein a calming and safe space every so often. I've got that back now - Brilliant. (M.S)


Thanks everyone !!! Mia x






Photos reproduced with kind permission from Jo Haycock Photography for Womens Aid, Newport